Sunday, December 11, 2011

My new artwork

The other night I was inspired by Pinterest yet again.  I pulled out the toilet paper rolls I had been saving up and went to work.
 I measured and cut half inch sections of the rolls.

Painted most of them red, and made a few black for contrast.

 After trying out multiple things, this is the pattern I ended up with.  And this is where I got overambitious. I decided they needed frames to hang on our ugly yellow-ish tan walls, (that unfortunately we can't paint due to apartment regulations).  But the problem was that frames to fit these canvases would be quite expensive.  So in my mind, the obvious solution was to just make them myself.  Great idea, but turned out a bigger project than I had anticipated.

To make the frames, we bought a few pieces of moulding, measured out the lengths and angles, and I had Andy help me with the cutting. But the saw battery died...on the first cut.  So the project was put on hold for the day.  The next day I was on my own (because Andy was at work), but I continued the cutting process, and eventually got all the pieces to approximately the correct length, and angle.  But in doing so I really learned the importance of having the correct tools.  As it turns out, cutting 45 degree angles while standing on a stool, leaning over a railing, lying on the piece you are cutting, while maneuvering a circular saw is easier said than done. Despite the rather obvious imperfections, I got the boards nailed and glued together, and just filled in the gaps with makeshift caulking. (Oh, and I found out it takes a really long time for spray paint to dry when kept at about freezing temperatures...)

Despite the trouble that these frames ended up being, I think they turned out alright.  One of my favorite parts of this is the versatility.  If I get tired of the design, I can easily peel off the rolls and instead paint something on the canvas, or just make a new design.  The frames can of course be reused.
Let me know what you think of my project!

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  1. Very very nice. These are beautiful, only obviously frugal only because you show us how you did it, and God glorifying because of who you are! Just one more reason for me to thank God for giving my son such an incredible wife!